Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Had My "Tubes Tied" - Essure

August 21st, I had my "tubes tied" by a newer procedure called "Essure". They put tiny coils into your fallopian tubes which, in time, causes scar tissue to build up. It went well. My boyfriend took the day off work to take me to and from the procedure center and watch me the same day and night, as required. He bought me maxi pads and orange juice and picked up my prescriptions. What a guy! :) I slept and ate toast and juice the first day and was tired for maybe 3 days but now I feel back to normal. Tomorrow, I go to get fitted for a diaphragm and we are going to rely on that and condoms for the 3 months until the HSG xray shows that both tubes are blocked. Here is a news clip about how the procedure works. (I, btw, was given a general anesthetic- i.e. "knocked out"- because they tried 4 or 5 times to place a spinal anesthetic and couldn't. Therefore, I didn't feel a thing or see a thing. :) I woke up with period-type bleeding which has since tapered to nothing and pain no worse than a period or very early labor immediately after.)

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weasle said...

When is your follow up appointment?