Friday, December 28, 2007

"The Henry Ford" - Formerly known as "The Henry Ford Museum".

Looking at the holiday electric train set. (There was a camera on one of the engines!)

On the Rosa Parks bus in her seat.

Trying out the car in the turn-of-the-1900's section of the Generations Exhibit.

No explanation needed!

The "Generations" exhibit: The Baby Boomers section- an elementary school classroom during an atomic bomb drill.

The Nathan Alagheny

The snow-plow train.

Nataleigh and Noah in front of a gas station.

In the most-current section of an "airplane".

Nathan, Nataleigh, Noah and Marcus listen during the tour of the Dimaxion house.

Nataleigh and the chair my dad had in the 70's!

Noah and a Buckminster Fuller creation.

"Bucky Balls"! Nataleigh and Noah.

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